Friday, February 5, 2010

I Could Tease My Mom All Day!

(A random picture I took recently)

Hi Mom (I know you're reading this)! I'm sure you're sitting there now just beet red in the face because I'm being so stubborn. But I promise you, the news will be worth the wait...

To All Readers - I'm sure you're confused what I'm talking about. But yesterday Sam and I went to the OB office for a check-up (I wish I would have been warned about how long you can wait to be seen by the doctor!! It seems like 2 hours is the norm and I think that's just ridiculous!). After talking with the doctor and getting some useful information on my nausea she grabbed the doppler to listen for baby's heartbeat. She couldn't find it after some long searching. So she grabbed an ultrasound machine out of the hallway and placed the probe on my belly. Immediately our little bean starting doing the jig! Little Bean was sucking it's thumb and even waiving at us! Too cute and so exciting to see. I couldn't help myself, I asked the doctor if she could give us a gender determination. You see - we're excited to know what this bean is! I have to know if I should be knitting pink or blue!

After searching the ultrasound for a minute she was able to get the aptly named "toilet shot" for a gender prediction and gave us her *guess*. I say "guess" because she doesn't want to be held responsible for being wrong. But she was pretty sure and said that they can confirm at a high powered ultrasound in 2 1/2 weeks (our ultrasound was an oldie: Sam laughed when it popped up on the screen "Copyright: 1998").

So we celebrated the big news and are so excited to know if we will be having a little daughter or a little son. But I haven't popped the news to my parents yet and my mom is less than happy! But I'm kind of enjoying this little secret that Sam and I have. So you'll have to wait just a little longer mom!!

In craft news, there are a couple items that I have on my list of "To-Do's". Here are links to projects that I will be getting started on ASAP:

1. Sleep Sack Pattern by Twice As Nice Boutique. I just bought this pattern and can't wait to receive it in the mail. It will be a lot of fun to sew!!
2. Berroco Booklet #292 Patterns called "DK Baby". I want to buy this pattern book because there are a lot of cute patterns. Anyone ever made anything from this?
3. The 90 minute shirt by MADE. This is an awesome blog that I read regularly. This method for making a shirt is so cute!
4. Wee Weka Cloth Diapers. I've made tons of cloth diapers for baby gifts and now I'll need to start making some for myself. Let the sewing begin!

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Susan said...

i just found your blog today.
I was looknig for a knit dog sweater and found your Leaf Sweater. I am just learning to knit but have crocheted for many years. Congratsd on having a baby.. Boy or girl?
thanks Again Susan