Friday, May 28, 2010

Lots of wool baby knits

I bought this knitting book a couple years ago because I couldn't resist the cute knitted bear outfit on the front. Well I finally got around to knitting some items from this great book. I first started with the elastic waist pants - I wanted to make some wool soakers and thought that pattern was perfect to knit up with some wool. They were quick to knit and turned out great. I still need to insert the elastic though...

After I was finished with the pants I had TONS of the aqua wool skein left. So I knit up the vest located in the book. I actually made a ton of changes to the pattern (knitted it in the round, omitted the buttons up the side, and only made it button on one sleeve). I wanted the vest to be as seamless as possible. I still need to add the buttons to the left shoulder...
After all this knitting was said and done, I still had some navy yarn and aqua yarn left over (I started with one 100G skein of each). So I knit up the hat in the book as well. It turned out so cute! All I have left is the tiniest bit of aqua left. I might knit it up into a little ball and felt it for a toy (either for the baby or for the dogs).
So that was a little knitting I've done in the last month. I still have TONS of projects to post to the blog. Currently I'm working on a sweater out of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for this winter for the baby. The pattern I'm using is out of Vintage Baby Knits. We'll see when that makes it to the blog (only the arms need to be knitted). I also have a couple of baby shower gifts that I need to finish for my friend who is expecting twin girls this September/October. All this knitting!

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