Saturday, November 22, 2008

Initial Booties

Since I made a pair of the "Greemie Baby Booties" last evening and was happy to use up the little bamboo yarn I had laying around I decided to cast on another pair this afternoon to use up the Gedifra Mayra yarn I have left over from the slouchy beret I made a couple weeks ago. This time I had some ideas for the pattern:

All in all, the booties are quick and simple to knit (about 2 hours for a pair). There is minimal seaming (really just a seam up the bottom of the booties) and the area at the top of the booty was crying for some decoration!! So at the top of the foot when I was doing the toe shaping I purled in my last initial ("G") on the stockinette background. It turned out great! I used an initial knitting chart I found online (click here for the free charts). After I added my initial it was time for the ankle ribbing but before jumping into the ribbing I added 4 more rounds of stockinette and then I changed the K1P1 ribbing into K2P2 ribbing and increased the rounds from 14 to 18. When I casted off, I folded the ribbing over and sewed in place so it was fixed in place. They turned out SUPER cute!! My next pair I believe that I'm going to intarsia something on the top or I'm going to bead them... We'll see...

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