Sunday, January 4, 2009

Doggie Pajamas

I bought a pair of hilarious looking "no butt" pajamas at a dog boutique a couple months ago in an attempt to keep my Maltese warm. With this cold weather she gets cold instantly. The pajamas do look a little hilarious but in their own way they are kind of cute...
I tried the PJs on Mia and she loves them. She's not so cold when we take her out for walks. So I decided to sew a pair of my own. I purchased the Simplicity pattern 3939 and made the pajamas out of some grey fleece and white ribbing. The small pattern was still too big for Mia (who is about 6 lbs) but fit my poodle Maddie perfectly (who is about 10 lbs). I decided to put the pieces I had cut out on my flat bed scanner and scan them at 80% and re-cut them out on plain paper. That worked fantastic! I made another pair last night out of multi-colored paw prints on white background in a thermal knit with white ribbed legs. They fit Mia like a glove and she's toasty warm in them now. The next time I make them I will make the chest come down farther since they don't keep her belly really warm but I would say this last pair was a success! My poodle Maddie wouldn't be caught dead wearing pajamas so her pair is just sitting in the closet waiting for ice and minus 20 degree weather! I will take a picture when my husband gets home at the end of the week (he took my camera with him to Arizona).
But all in all, great project that is a lot of fun!

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