Friday, April 24, 2009

Free Pattern in the Works: Wool Yoga Longies

I gotta say that I finished a really cute project today. I had some yarn that I picked up for sale at Knit Around Yarn shop here in town that is called "Reynolds Soft Sea Wool". It's a 100% wool in a dk weight that just screamed at me to buy it. So I did. I bought 3 skeins in fact. I loved the feel of it. The yarn has a really tight twist to it that gives it extra-springiness and the color was a muted blue/gray color. I couldn't resist and boy am I glad I didn't! I took those skeins home and placed them in my stash but kept looking at them like they were calling me, asking me to make something with them. So I did.
I pulled out my size U.S. 3 needles and started knitting. I wasn't sure what I was going to make. But I knew with the last 3 skeins that they had, it couldn't be anything really big. So I casted on some stitches and started working in the round in seed stitch. I figured I would make a hat for myself. But when I saw the springiness and the fact that it was 100% wool (not superwash), I figured it would be the perfect candidate for a "longie" (those of you that cloth diaper would know that it is a long pant version of a diaper cover). I made the longie look like my favorite pair of yoga pants with a fold-over waistband, slightly full legs, but tight in the upper portion of the pant. So that's where they got the name "Wool Yoga Longies". I'm happy with the finished product and have gotten requests for more pairs to be knit. Until then, I'll have to sit down and write out the super easy pattern for those of you interested in knitting a pair for yourself.
Until I do that - here's my pair. And they were knit for under $12 (less than 2 skeins of yarn).
With the left over skein I had, I made a matching pair of shorts. They aren't anything to write home about, but they feel fabulous. This yarn was a sheer pleasure to work with.

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machelle said...

Looks fab! I'm working on a VERY similar project at the moment.. summer/winter shorts for babies! Teal is my favorite colour this season.. Love the yarn!