Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chicago in May

We went to Chicago with my parents for the weekend in May to enjoy a show (we saw Mary Poppins), visit my brother who lives in Wicker Park, and to simultaneously celebrate Mother's Day and my mother's birthday. We had an enjoyable time.One morning for breakfast we drove to Wicker Park from the Westin Hotel on the Magnificent Mile (I LOVE their beds!) and had brunch at "The Bongo Room". I had heard reports that their food was worth the line (there are no reservations). So we sent my brother there a little earlier to put our name on the list (an expected 2 hr wait was cut short to 50 minutes or so). The food was just delicious. I plan on eating there again when I'm in Chicago and the prices are reasonable.
We also ate at the Atwood Cafe before seeing "Mary Poppins". The food was magnificent and the atmosphere was quiet and intimate. It was a nice place to get dinner before the show because it is located in the theater district and just a couple of blocks from where we were headed. Mary Poppins was a surprisingly great show. I found myself laughing and smiling through the whole program which says something about what I was watching. I would recommend it to almost anyone, especially anyone with kids. It's something they would enjoy and you would enjoy simultaneously.
This is a picture taken from my brother's condo. He's got an amazing view of the city from one side of the condo and a view of the lake from the other side. A much cooler view than the view from my Michigan home!

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