Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's been forever!

You can tell that the summer is here because life is getting busy for me and it's hard to spend the time to update this blog! But I finally sat down at my computer and uploaded pictures from my camera for the past 2 months. Eeks! But after downloading, sorting, and editing - here is an assortment to show you where I've been...This is a picture of a tiger from an anniversary trip to the Detroit zoo with my husband. We celebrated 6 years together. The weather was sunny and cool - perfect for a walk at the zoo.The giraffes were another fun set of animals to watch. I wish they had gotten a little closer.The area for the seals was beautiful.
They have a tube that you can walk through the middle of the water exhibit and see the seals swimming above and around you.
All in all, we had a nice afternoon at the Detroit Zoo. We saw lots of animals, ate a delicious picnic, and most of all made some memories.

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