Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beautiful Baby Shower

Both my mother and mother-in-law threw me some amazing baby showers. I don't have any pictures from my mother-in-law's shower but I do have some pictures from my mother's shower.
My mother went with a bird nest theme for the shower. She held it at the local city park in a room overlooking the river. It was beautiful!She placed flower garland down the tables with little nests from Pottery Barn nestled among them (and filled with chocolate eggs, yum!) Candles were placed in antique blue Mason Jars filled with cracked corn.
The plates and glasses were all vintage/antique and again were mostly blue.

My mother surprised me with a beautiful baby quilt that she had made for the little man. Every guest was asked to write a little note for the little guy on the back. It was fun to read everyone's blessings when the shower was over.

And we can't forget the food!!! My dad was a huge help (as well as other family members). We had delicious chicken salad (my mom used dried cherries instead of cranberries) that we could put in huge croissants. We also had my Grandma's spinach salad, strawberries, and some amazing desserts. First off was my dad's famous hamentashens (we aren't Jewish, but my best friend was growing up and every Purim festival we would eat HUGE hamentashens and I begged my dad to come up with a recipe and we've used it ever since!) These are apricot, my favorite.
My dad also made some red velvet cupcakes and banana cupcakes that he decorated with coconut nests and little bird eggs.

The whole afternoon was just beautiful. And I received so many thoughtful presents and enjoyed catching up with people and celebrating the soon-to-be birth of our son. Our cloth diaper stash surely grew.

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andrea said...

aww, what a special day filled with sweet details... my mom told me how involved your dad was - i had no idea he had such skill in the kitchen! and your mom of course - i got to see the quilt and blanket she knit - all for sweet memories to come...