Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quick Baby Knit

We're really doing our best trying to get our house sold. So for the past couple months we have been packing boxes for the move to try to empty our house out. This means that my yarn stash has found a new home in temporary storage (boo hoo!) But while packing my yarn I went through it and put it into three piles:
1. Keep and pack away
2. Make something quick with it (usually single skeins that were asking to be kept but were single skeins)
3. Donation (which I just shipped a big package out to the some people on Ravelry)

After going through my yarn I was stuck with a little pile of yarn that I loved but couldn't justify packing. So I quickly knit up some fun baby knits (hats, socks, mitts, etc.) The one project I've been meaning to try is the flower bib from "One Skein" by Leigh Radford. So using a little yellow cotton skein I knit the bib in an evening. It's a fun little project (even though I really had to pay attention to remember to knit the wraps back into the bib since there are a LOT of short rows).

Here it is:

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